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Bible Studies by Myra Green

Through my years as a Christian, I have found there is no greater source of truth than the Holy Bible the Lord has given. Everything I know to be true about God, about the world and about myself I have learned from this incredible book. God reveals himself to us through the testimonies of his people, through their experiences in obedience and disobedience, as well as through prophetic insight. I have found it is consistent in portraying the character and will of God from Genesis to Revelation.

God speaks through the Bible to each of us as individuals, as well as corporately when we allow the Holy Spirit to reveal truth. I have kept record of God speaking to me through His Word and it is my greatest joy to share this record with you. I believe the scripture itself holds the truth and so my commentary is short and serves only as a guide to reveal my own understanding. I do not pretend to understand it all, for who has the mind of God? I only share what I myself have come to understand and applied to my life.

I have attached a one page excerpt from some of these Bible Studies. If you would like one of these Bible Studies to use in a conjunction with a Bible Alive Theater Production or for personal use, please email me at myra@biblealivetheater.com.

The Blood of the Sacrifice

Faith & Family:
A Personal Journey

Living Water:
The Holy Spirit

Living in the Light:
Spiritual Warfare

Old Testament Prophecies
About Jesus

Planting Spiritual
Seeds of Hope